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Phone Number:
Address: 600 Methodist Suite 2120, Red Oak, TX 75154
Contact Person: Richard Kinney
Open Since: 1999
Member Since: 29-Apr-2011

Visits: 1346
Votes: 148

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We are businesspeople, not computer geeks. We have been online for years working behind the scenes making money for others by specializing in traffic generation. So often we saw our hard earned traffic sent to poorly designed, hard to navigate websites. Soon we realized that those painfully bad pages were being made for ridiculously high prices... so why not do it ourselves? We could do it much better for far less money and provide a complete solution for small businesses rather than just a design. We have been doing this through word of mouth as a side project for over five years. The success of that cottage enterprise has convinced us to bring it to every small business owner for the first time ever.