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DeSoto Chamber of Commerce

Phone Number:
(972) 224-3565
Address: 205 E. Pleasant Run Road, DeSoto, TX 75123
Contact Person: Cammy Henderson
Contact Person's Phone: 972-224-3565
Open Since: 1962
Member Since: 9-Aug-2007

Visits: 1305
Votes: 10

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The DeSoto Chamber pursues our plan of work through seven committees. Each committee – Economic Development, Education, Government, Healthcare, Marketing, Membership and Tourism– has developed a plan to fit the needs of the business community. It’s important that you add your ideas, skills and resources to the financial commitment you have already made to ensure your interests are represented. Like anything else, the best return on your investment in the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce will be achieved if you are active. If you are already engaged, we commend you. If you haven’t been active, there’s no better time to begin. We encourage you to contact the Chamber office to arrange an introduction and join the committee that fits you best.


DeSoto Chamber of Commerce Event Calendar